Easy Way to Fix Outlook Error 0x800ccc0f”

No one is dis-familiar with the popularity of MS Outlook specially of its 2010 version that really has came with some extra added features and is being used by millions of people. Like other email clients, Outlook express also allows users to download all the received email messages through their browser. Also, you can upload any composed email to your browser.

But, like others, here also some limitations and that is error generation. Otlook 0x800ccc0f is one among them that usually generated Microsoft Windows Firewall blocks Microsoft Outlook. Also, it can be seen when an SMTP-based e-mail is sent. While having this error, you may seem a message or notification stating “Connection To the Server Was Interrupted” or “Your Server Has Unexpectedly Terminated the Connection”. There are a two different ways in order to fix this error, depending on the reason for causing it.

The main reason behind the generation of error 0x800ccc0f is having Internet connection problem. When Internet connection get disconnected, Outlook Express get fail to connect to the user’s email server. You can fix this error by ensuring that all of the cables and/or wireless devices are properly enabled and connected or through contacting the Internet Service Provider if needed. If you are connecting to Internet and still getting this error, then most probably, you are entering wrong ID and password.

In case if you are 100% sure of having proper Internet connection and right login details entered, there may be the chances that your browser-based email client may not be setup for POP forwarding. As, this POP forwarding facilitates your browser based email client along with with permission in order to forward the your emails to a desktop based email client and to get emails from that desktop client. Every email service poses a different options, but you can fix this issue by simply logging into the browser-based email client, selecting “Account Settings” or “Mail Settings,” choosing “POP/IMAP Forwarding option,” and clicking on “Enable POP for all mail,” and lastly saving the changes.

In all the above scenario, there is a great probability that your PST files get corrupted preventing you from accessing it. In that case, you can go for SCANPSTEXE in order to get them back, as this tool checks the file directory structure and file headers for corruptions and also tries to repair the file, but But it’s not capable to repairs the upper level objects like messages, calendar items, attachments, sub-folders, notes and many more. This happens only because the low level structure does not poses the info related to the upper level ones. In that case, we highly recommended to use Outlook PST Repair software. It’s just one of the most reliable tool for dealing with PST corruption issues in Outlook.


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