Easily fix scanpst.exe missing olmapi32.dll error.

olmapi32.dll is the Dynamic Link Library(DLL) file used by Scanpst.exe to run on Windows PC. When the dll file goes missing then scanpst.exe fails to respond. It creates panic among user as the primary tool fails to fix the damage. You can locate this DLL file in the system32 folder of the operating system. The path for this file is as follows “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14” and locate the olmapi32.dll file there. The file is necessary for smooth running of Outlook and its inbuilt repair utility. It goes on missing when user renames it, replace it, deletes it, changes any other attribute or when it gets infected anyhow. But no need to worry, there are few measures which user can take to fix this issue.

Steps to fix Scanpst.exe missing olmapi32.dll error are listed below:

  • If the DLL file is missing then download it from internet and copy it to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14
  • If the file is available with same or different name then rename it with .old extension. To do that follow the steps.
  • Close the Outlook.
  • Goto location C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14 and find olmapi32.dll file.
  • Now rename the file to olmapi32.old
  • Launch scanpst.exe tool again to fix the PST damage.

Olmapi32.dll error mainly occurs when user upgraded their operating system. When the operating system gets upgraded, the dll file are remain unchanged i.e. they remain in their old versions. Now when tool which supports upgraded version of OS would definitely search for uograded dll file which is eventually not availble in the system. In such the cases the error occurs which says that specific dll file is missing. So either upgrade the file using internet or rename it with .old extension to fix it. Sometimes the error in scanpst.exe itself throws such error unnecessarily. Though having corrupt dll file, user gets error message regarding the dll file. In those situations go for third party automatic Outlook PST repair tool which does not require that dll file to run on Win PC.

Third party tool is very powerful Outlook PST repair tool which doesn’t need olmapi32.dll file to run as like scanpst.exe tool. It uses highly sophisticated algorithm to fix the damage of the PST file. It provides many other features like splitting the large files, selective recovery, data recovery from password protected corrupt file, recovering data from very large and intensily corrupt file and many more. All these features are configured in one tool which is the best alternative for scanpst.exe tool. Get this tool if you are also facing the severe corruption of PST file or DLL error which you fail to correct.

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